Improving your strategy and performance

 using psychological techniques


Improving your business’ strategy and performance through the use of psychological techniques


Evidence-based psychological and behavioural techniques, including:

              • cognitive psychology
              • consumer psychology
              • sensorial marketing
              • nonverbal behaviour
              • engaging communication





> you are a BUSINESS OWNER:

would you like to maximise your profits and reduce your costs? We offer advice and training in consumer psychology. We can also plan behavioural interventions aimed at minimising absenteeism and conflicts, promoting team cohesion, adherence to projects or safety at work.

> you own an ONLINE BUSINESS:

would you like to optimise your website, improve your conversion rate and turnover? We analyse clients’ behaviour and website navigation. We then use techniques of consumer psychology, sensorial marketing, cognitive psychology and engaging communication to improve your website and increase your conversion rate.

> you run a RESTAURANT:

would you like to improve customers’ loyalty and increase profits without huge investments? We provide advice tailored to your business involving evidence-based psychological techniques, such as sensorial marketing and nonverbal behaviour.

> you are a RETAILER:

would you like to improve clients’ shopping experience and increase profits? We analyse and assess your current selling strategy by analysing clients’ behaviour. Then we help to improve this selling strategy through the use of psychological techniques (nonverbal behaviour, engaging communication, sensorial marketing) tailored to your business.

> you are part of a PUBLIC ORGANIZATION :

would you like to set a public health policy, promote physical activity, improve tourists’ experience or promote behaviours such as rubbish recycling? We provide advice or run studies based on scientific knowledge and evidence-based techniques of social psychology and engaging communication.

> you work in the TOURISM SECTOR:

would you like to improve visitors’ experience and increase visits? We collect information and provide statistics through behavioural observations and questionnaires. These data can then be used to help you set or refine your strategy and develop your business using for instance sensorial marketing techniques.