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Consumer studies & neuroscience: using cutting-edge techniques, PART 2

What neuroscience techniques can be used to improve the efficiency and reliability of consumer studies? In this article I describe two: the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and predictive validity.         In a previous post (see here), I explained how behavioural sciences can improve the efficiency of customer studies. For another one (see […]

Why UX needs neuroscience

Businesses rely more and more on experimentation to build their marketing strategies. Experimentation is a powerful way to gather objective and reliable data, and make informed decisions. This can be achieved with UX or A/B tests. In this post we explain why and how neuroscience can boost the efficiency of UX tests.       […]

CogniPackaging: packaging efficiency boosted by neuroscience

Logo position, colours, font, shape and symmetry of the package, specification layout… All these packaging details may at first appear as secondary. Yet many studies prove they can impact customers’ unconscious perceptions. As these perceptions are unconscious, customers typically are not capable of expressing them clearly when assessing packages. Professionals are then likely to miss […]

Neuroscience applied to marketing & sales, what are we talking about?

Among current marketing and sales innovations, neuroscience is holding a leadership. Why? Just two words: efficiency and performance. Efficiency, because neuroscience techniques exclusively rely on science. Performance, because they make marketing and sales strategies more powerful. In this post I describe various applied neuroscience techniques.     TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS   Whenever neurosciences and neuromarketing are […]

Using neuromarketing & customer psychology to improve selling processes

    In a former blog post, we explained how neuromarketing and customer psychology can improve product design and packaging. But once your product has been designed and is ready to be sold, how to promote it and sell it efficiently? To this end, neuromarketing and customer psychology bring efficient evidence-based solutions.       […]

How to increase prices without decreasing sales: 1) Psychological prices

  Setting high prices without impeding sales is the neuromarketing aim of all retailers. Here I describe a simple technique to reach that goal via the use of “psychological” prices.       The linear relationship between sales volume and price is a basic selling principle. If customers act rationally, sales volume is expected to […]

How to use neuromarketing & customer psychology for product design & packages?

  Product designs & packages are often conceived by creative professionals. Whether they are designers, advertisers or communication experts, these specialists are gifted enough to invent elaborate and original creations. However, aesthetic creations do not automatically translate into something meaningful for customers’ perceptions, decisions and behaviour. Then why and how can we create products and […]