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Using neuromarketing & customer psychology to improve selling processes

    In a former blog post, we explained how neuromarketing and customer psychology can improve product design and packaging. But once your product has been designed and is ready to be sold, how to promote it and sell it efficiently? To this end, neuromarketing and customer psychology bring efficient evidence-based solutions.       […]

How to increase prices without decreasing sales: 1) Psychological prices

  Setting high prices without impeding sales is the neuromarketing aim of all retailers. Here I describe a simple technique to reach that goal via the use of “psychological” prices.       The linear relationship between sales volume and price is a basic selling principle. If customers act rationally, sales volume is expected to […]

How to use neuromarketing & customer psychology for product design & packages?

  Product designs & packages are often conceived by creative professionals. Whether they are designers, advertisers or communication experts, these specialists are gifted enough to invent elaborate and original creations. However, aesthetic creations do not automatically translate into something meaningful for customers’ perceptions, decisions and behaviour. Then why and how can we create products and […]

9 psychological effects that can ruin your communication campaign

  Communicating is not enough to influence people. Many communication campaigns are an objective failure. This is because providing information is insufficient to persuade and convince. It is crucial to take the psychology of any campaigns’ target into account for messages to be influential. Yet this fact is often ignored in favour of aesthetic and […]

Interview about neuromarketing with Morgan David

  I have recently been interviewed about neuromarketing by Salomé Ficarelli, a student of the master in Communication & Marketing of ISCOM in Lyon, France. Definition, techniques, examples, strengths, limits… everything you have ever wanted to know about neuromarketing without asking…! I leave you to discover the transcription of this interview and thank Salomé for soliciting […]

What is menu engineering?

  Your restaurant’s menu is your number 1 generator of sales. Menus and display boards have unexploited sales potential which menu engineering can optimise. Largely ignored by traditional marketers, this innovative tool generates a substantial improvement in restaurants’ average orders and margins. What is menu engineering, then? And how does it work?     Menu […]

CogniMenu: an innovative service to boost UK restaurants’ sales

Restaurants commonly have two options to increase their benefits: to reduce their costs or to increase the amount of the average order. Building on the latter option, CogniMenu genuinely boosts restaurants’ sales with an innovative, yet simple and efficient solution that uses neuromarketing techniques.     Proposing good products does not automatically translate into effective […]

What is neuromarketing?

Offering great services and great products is rarely enough to generate sales. The reason for this lies in our brain. As functional as it is, our brain does not always act in a rational way!       Our brain uses precise rules when collecting, processing information and eventually taking decisions. Neuromarketing consists of taking […]