At Analytica, we do not use set formulas. We provide our clients with individualised support and solutions for their strategy and their performance.

Our innovative approach includes evidence-based techniques in consumer psychology, sensorial marketing, behavioural economics, engaging communication and cognitive psychology.

The methods that we use at Analytica are borrowed from objective and reliable academic knowledge and techniques. We provide solutions that are simple, efficient and cost-effective to develop your strategies and projects.

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Individualised support towards strategic development

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Social psychology and sensorial marketing offer a wide array of evidence-based behavioural techniques aimed at improving business’ strategies and performances. At Analytica we apply these techniques to support the strategic development of your business in many contexts, such as marketing, sports, health, or public policy. Our interventions are tailored to the requirements of your business, involving a diagnosis of the current situation, a redefinition of your goals and the setting and following up of an adjusted strategy individualised to your needs.


Tailored observational & experimental studies

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We can quantitatively analyse your clients’ behaviour through direct observation or through the use of questionnaires and polls. Following this first step we provide support and advice for setting and following up your business’ strategy and development.



Promoting behaviours

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We organize seminars about consumer psychology and behaviour aimed at a general public or professional audience. These seminars can be tailored to the objectives and strategies of your business in many contexts, such as marketing, sports, retailing, health, or tourism. Our goal is to provide our clients with evidence-based psychological techniques related to influence, persuasion and people’s decisions.



Training for professionals & students

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We offer training sessions aimed at students and professionals in various disciplines. Our goal is to provide you with training about evidence-based psychological techniques related to influence and persuasion (engaging communication), and affecting people’s behaviour and decisions (retailing, nonverbal behaviour, sensorial marketing).

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