Morgan David

Dr Morgan DAVID

Consultant in Behavioural Sciences
Founder & Director of Analytica

As a behavioural sciences expert, I established Analytica to apply evidence-based psychological techniques to business’ strategies and performance. Previous experience includes PhDs from the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada) and the University of Burgundy (Dijon, France), and research in several laboratories in the UK and Belgium. My research topics mainly dealt with the environmental and social causes and consequences of behavioural variation, using humans and animals as study models. I then developed expertise in the field of social psychology, and led research on information use and cognitive biases in decision-making situations. While working as a researcher, speaker, author, editor and referee for international scientific journals, I published more than 15 scientific articles in prestigious journals like Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Ethology or Journal of Comparative Psychology. I also gave more than 25 seminars and talks at international conferences. My work has been covered by the national and international press, including AAAS’ Science Update and The Royal Society. Subsequently, I left academia for more applied issues by working for the research and development department of SPF Diana in Brittany (an international pet food company, specialised in the assessment of food palatability and the feeding behaviour of pets). After which I established my own company, Analytica.


After spending 8 years in academia and in the private sector in Canada, the UK, Belgium and France, I set up Analytica. Analytica is a consulting business which aims to provide professionals with business advice based on social psychology techniques, such as nudges and behavioural change interventions, and evidence-based knowledge in this field. My ambition is to improve business performance through focusing on user experience (UX), psychology and behaviour. My role is to take the latest discoveries of social psychology and make them accessible. In other words, to help companies make innovative plans in the realms of marketing, business, human resources management, public policy, communication and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.


To this end, Analytica uncovers, gathers and deciphers the latest discoveries from social psychology laboratories all over the world. Our services aim to provide innovative companies with the strategic tools to set up more efficient plans and strategies. Social psychology techniques enable businesses to introduce strategies focused on clients’ psychology and behaviour. Optimising user experience (UX) will encourage clients to seek out your products and improve your profits. Anticipating your target’s psychology and behaviour is one of the most promising ways to make your commercial strategy a success. Your ambition and endeavours are too important to rely on widely available, but ineffective, pseudo-psychology. Analytica provides objective, evidence-based knowledge and techniques that are scientifically proven to boost your performance.


Frank Cézilly

Professor at the University of Burgundy (Dijon, France), honorary member of the “Institut Universitaire de France”, President of Caribaea InitiativeFrank Cézilly recently published “De mâle en père : à la recherche de l’instinct paternel” and “Le paradoxe de l’hippocampe : une histoire naturelle de la monogamie” (ed. Buchet-Chastel), and “Behavioural Ecology” (Oxford University Press).

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont

Lecturer at Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France)

Luc-Alain Giraldeau

Professor and Dean of the life sciences faculty of the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada), Luc-Alain Giraldeau has published, among many others, “Behavioural Ecology” (Oxford University Press).

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